LED boat Lighting

     All our products produce extraordinary results

Why make the switch to LED's

make the switch to led's

       Because the alternatives generate a lot of heat, they cant take a beating, LED’s last much longer and LED’s come in a variety of colors.

      Due to the low amp draw of LEDs you don’t have to focus as much on power consumption especially on those late night fishing trips. LED’s connect directly to any 12v power source with a switch and a properly sized fuse. This makes it the ideal DIY project. 

      If you are installing underwater LED’s such as Shadow-Caster or Bluefin LEDs, you can run on plane with the lights on due to built in thermal management.

Why Custom led and fiberoptic led's

    Simply put, we have a better product! We specify a heavier PCB, our strips utilize genuine 3M double sided tape, we use only Epistar and Cree high lumen  LED chips, our strips are rated at 14.4V to handle the higher voltage while running, all our flexible strips are shipped with silicone clamps and 316 stainless steel mounting screws, we also provide a 2 year warranty and tech support.

    We have the brightest most dependable strips available but don’t take our word for it, check out our Google reviews 

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