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Every commercial lighting space has different lighting needs.  We can help to supply your business with indoor and outdoor lighting that fits your budget and your specifications.  We carry a wide variety of outdoor lighting options to improve the energy efficiency of your building. You spend a lot of time at your workplace so it is essential to feel capable of performing at your best. LED Lighting can have a huge impact on work performance.   LEDs emit natural-looking illumination. This advancement has been shown to increase employee motivation, energy, and concentration by creating a more appealing and comfortable workplace. So when it comes to deciding on lighting for your commercial space, it’s imperative that you make sure what you’re buying is right for the type of business you will run. If you are unsure of what type of fixture is best for your space, contact us, and our certified lighting specialist will be there to help you put together a layout that will fit your budget and optimize your workplace’s lighting capabilities.

Our Business Solutions Division focuses on specific design projects in which LED lighting is integrated into a fixture or display. Complementing Elemental LED's engineering and manufacturing capabilities, this team of experts concentrates on specific verticals with large complex LED lighting requirements that often involve a coordinated roll-out. We follow a simple engagement methodology rooted in helping our customers get the best LED lighting solution for their needs. Our Business Solutions team includes individuals with expertise in engineering, design, retail environments and fixtures, hospitality, and a host of commercial based applications. Whether it's a one-of-a-kind or tailor-made solution, the Business Solutions team guarantees to maximize customer impact and help drive revenue for your business.


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We would love to have the opportunity to discuss your project.  If you have a quick second, send us a note in the form below or give us a jingle at (720) 204-8331.

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