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Residential accent lighting adds elegance and value to your property. Whether you are adding undercabinet, coffered ceiling or edge lighting for a unique look, we carry many different LED lighting options to accent your home.  Custom LED & FiberOptics offers downlights and flexible strip lighting for a wide variety of lighting application.  We provide DIY options that you can order directly from us or we provide turn key installtion for customized applications. 

Residential LED Lighting is typically categorized as ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting. Each of these categories provides a different purpose. When planning the light for a home, it is helpful to understand how these different light levels can complement each other.  Buying and installing LED lighting can be a challenge without the right guidance choosing the correct color temperature, placement and dimming options for your application.  If you are in need of some advice on choosing the right option we try to keep our frequently asked questions page updated as this will probably have the answers you are looking for.  If it doesn't feel free to drop me a line and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. 


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We would love to have the opportunity to discuss your project.  If you have a quick second, send us a note in the form below or give us a jingle at (720) 204-8331.

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