Waterproof 4A Bluetooth controller


An extremely compact BT RGB controller. The use of this device to control your color changing lights via your smart phone or tablet, control has never been easier.This IP68 controller can be used with any 6-24v constant voltage RGB lights. With a max output of 4A per channel it allows 144 watts at 12v and an astounding 244 watts at 24v. just download the Color Easy 3 Plus from your app store, it’s free, and you will have your choice of over 16 million static colors and 42 dynamic scenes. thru the app you will also have the ability to save up to 16 of your favorite colors. The small size, high output, ease of use and it’s 100 ft range makes this RGB controller a great choice

SKU: R-308S
Category: Controllers and Programmers
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Waterproof 4A Bluetooth controller


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