Custom LED Lighting

We are committed to manufacturing, distributing and installing the highest quality LED lighting. Our services and products will provide custom accent lighting for residential, commercial and marine applications.  You can explore our store for products or contact us directly if you are considering custom installation services.

We are all in for LED lighting, because the alternatives generate a lot of heat.  Other lightign options cant take a beating like LED’s which last much longer and come in a variety of colors.  Due to the low amp draw of LEDs you don’t have to focus as much on power consumption especially on those late night fishing trips. LED’s connect directly to any 12v power source with a switch and a properly sized fuse. This makes it the ideal DIY project.

If you are installing underwater LED’s such as Shadow-Caster or Bluefin LEDs, you can run on plane with the lights on due to built in thermal management.

Rob brings not only the highest level of product quality, but also a tremendous amount of product and application knowledge to the game. — Mark Hurm

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