Custom LED Lighting

All our products produce extraordinary results and this is where it starts. Custom LED and FiberOptics has been setting the mood in restaurants and high end homes for over 20 years. We've been adding personality to watercraft for almost as long and we've got personality for sale right here. Spend a few minutes looking thru our Gallery if you need ideas. Cove lighting, Landscape lighting, outdoor entertainment area's and Tiki huts are just a few of the residential projects we've tackled. Dock lights, underwater dock lights and pathway lighting can be added to almost any dock project. Our Hi-Lumen LED flexible strips are legendary and known for their brightness and unmatched quality.  Underwater lighting for any size boat from Shadow-Caster Marine and Bluefin LEDs. You can browse our store for products or contact us directly if you are considering custom services.

This site is built to be visual. The design is such that you can get some great ideas based on the work of the average guy working on his own boat.  See the work of professional boat riggers who use our products to accomplish the lighting needs of their clients. Give us a call so you too can experience what World class customer service, amazing tech support and proven products can do for your project. Let Custom LED and FiberOptics exceed your expectations!



Rob brings not only the highest level of product quality, but also a tremendous amount of product and application knowledge to the game. — Mark Hurm

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