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Custom LED Lighting and FiberOptics

IP68 Waterproof Flexible LED Strip

IP68 Waterproof Flexible LED Strip

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The ideal flexible LED strip for anything in a wet or damp environment. Our 100% waterproof strips are the brightest LEDs you can buy. They are cuttable approximately every 2” and dimmable. LEDs are the perfect light source for boats, outdoor kitchens and bars, Tiki Huts, Decks, Docks, even off road vehicles due to their low amp draw, low heat and small foot print and durability.

Wiring the single color is quite simple with the use of a basic on/off switch. Our dual color strips require a simple on/off/on DPDT switch. Our RGB and RGBW strips do require a controller. We offer both Bluetooth and Shadow-Caster controllers. As with any accessory, don’t forget to add a fuse or a circuit breaker to the new circuit.

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