• Can I install my own LED lighting on my boat?

    Yes you can. We have wiring schematics available for our products.

  • Can I get a customized length of LED strips?

    We offer LED light strips at uncut lengths for a base price or, for an extra charge, you can have the strips precut within 2 inches of the desired length.

  • Do your LED strips come in color options?

    Yes, please check our product page to see in stock options and reach out to us if you don't see a color you'd like to have. We will see what we can do to get you the colors you want.

  • What are the 3 fiber optics parts?

    The three basic elements of a fiber optic cable are the core, the cladding and the coating.

  • What material is used for fiber optics?

    Silica. Glass optical fibers are almost always made from silica, but some other materials, such as fluorozirconate, fluoroaluminate, and chalcogenide glasses as well as crystalline materials like sapphire, are used for longer-wavelength infrared or other specialized applications.

  • Which light is used in optical fiber?

    Laser light is used for optical fiber communications for the simple reason that it is a single wavelength light source.

  • Why do some fibers changes color of the light?

    Losses in the fiber due to scattering and absorption will reduce the output power, and since the fiber attenuation is wavelength dependent, the color of the emitted light will change.

  • Do you only ship lighting in the USA?

    We can ship wherever you'd like. Shipping prices will vary on location.

  • Are you in any stores?

    We have multiple stores in the USA that are distributors. Our headquarters is open as well for the public to come in and ask questions and buy in person.

  • Can I request a consultation for my deck?

    Absolutely, we service residential, commercial, and marine clientele. Contact us with questions about any projects you have.

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