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Custom LED Lighting and FiberOptics

Deep Glow Underwater Lighting System

Deep Glow Underwater Lighting System

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The Deep Glow Underwater Lighting system includes everything you need to install your own light in minutes without getting wet:
  • 1 Light
  • 30-300ft of cord. (Standard is 30ft however, you may more cord, up to 300ft total, for an additional $2.00/ft.)
  • Cord Weight
  • Cord Fasteners
  • Operating Instructions
  • Installation Instructions
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Inline GFCI Plug

The lights operate on their own ballast and multiple lights can run from a single optional timer. The unique design insures the light will land with the correct side up every time. The light weighs 15 pounds and rests securely on the bottom, along with the weighted waterproof cord. Replacement bulbs are available in our store. If you have any questions, please contact us. The bulb is a 150 watt metal halide lamp, which produces a brighter UVA glow, attracting fish as well as adding beauty to above water structures. The color is in the bulb and has a life span of 5500 hours. The bulb produces over 11,000 lumens, which are reflected to the surface utilizing the internal reflector which provides one of the largest diameters of light in the industry. It is protected under a ¼ inch glass enclosure, so there is no worry of breakage due to fishermen or turbulence from waves or boats. The bulb draws only 1.7 amps, which makes the Deep Glow Underwater Light the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly system available. Replacement bulbs are available in our store. If you have any questions, please Contact Us 

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